About the Artist Kristin Kossi

Kristin Kossi is a Germany based contemporary artist. She began drawing and painting from a very early age, at the same time she also became inspired in fashion and graduated later at the Academy of Fashion Design in Hamburg, Germany. She then ascertained a great deal of experience in fashion, photography and multimedia, all of which have paved the path for her later artistic endeavour. Since 2011 she continued working solely as an artist. Kristin Kossi draws inspiration from her urban surroundings like street art, fashion and social media in the production of her unique art pieces. The creative skills and knowledge that she has gained from her past experience are quiet integral to her aesthetic process. Producing art which allow her to be very experimental by using everything from graffiti stencils, spray paint to newspaper collage, markers, oil, acrylic and resin. The artist intensely combines color, vibrancy, and a generous dose of humor to create unique compositions, that inspire, provoke and delight. Kristin Kossi has been featured in German and British publications and TV as an artist to watch. Her works are currently in private collections across Europe, Australia and the USA.

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Current and Past

17.06- 17.09.2022 Knotenpunkt Affenfaust Gallery 2022

Mit der Dauerausstellung Knotenpunkt präsentiert die Affenfaust Galerie die größte Urban Contemporary Art Ausstellung Nordeuropas.

2022 D-Core Design Gallery / Woodstock Cape town - Cape Town, Südafrika

2020 Highlights / Azaro Art Spaces Hafencity - Hamburg, Deutschland

2019 The Power of Woman / Art Muc Art Fair - München, Deutschland

2018 Unforgetable / Gallery Greskewitz & Kleinitz - Hamburg, Deutschland

2017 Savage / Hamburg City - Hamburg, Deutschland

2017 Walls of Fame / Neuer Wall - Hamburg, Deutschland