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Living and working between Hamburg and Cape Town I create bright, bold, fun pop art pieces full of style and panache. I think my art is a reflection of my self, my dreams and desires. It is a colourful, positive art with a good dose of humour and a rough edge.
I previously studied fashion design and has also worked in graphic design and typography. Creativity plays an important role in my life. My interest in fashion, the studies in fashion and previous modelling career all contributed to my artistic sensibility and perspective. Today, i employ these previous occupations thematically in my paintings. My pieces are impact, addressing the viewer directly with their pop energy and bold aesthetic. 
Being an artist is like being two entities. When you handle the brush you are the artist but the moment you step back to view the canvas you become the critic. This internal dialogue fuels creativity.

I often getting asked where i get my inspirations from. My artistic inspiration comes mostly from my life. I really just expressing myself. For me being in the studio, listening to music and experimenting is the way. And by working everyday in my studio, I am constantly inspired and motivated to create. I say if you allow yourself time to develop your skills, the process of getting better at something is inspirational in itself. You start to realise where your strengths and weaknesses lie. So inspiration for me as an artist becomes a sort of self-fulfilling loop where the more art I produce, the more I develop. And the more I grow in skill, the more inspired I become.

Which makes me want to produce more art!


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Current and Past

17.06- 17.09.2022 Knotenpunkt Affenfaust Gallery 2022

Mit der Dauerausstellung Knotenpunkt präsentiert die Affenfaust Galerie die größte Urban Contemporary Art Ausstellung Nordeuropas.

2022 D-Core Design Gallery / Woodstock Cape town - Cape Town, Südafrika

2020 Highlights / Azaro Art Spaces Hafencity - Hamburg, Deutschland

2019 The Power of Woman / Art Muc Art Fair - München, Deutschland

2018 Unforgetable / Gallery Greskewitz & Kleinitz - Hamburg, Deutschland

2017 Savage / Hamburg City - Hamburg, Deutschland

2017 Walls of Fame / Neuer Wall - Hamburg, Deutschland