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71 x 71 cm

The Future is AI

The Future is AI

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Artwork dimensions: 71 x 71 x 3,8 cm

Original artwork by Kristin Kossi 2024. Acrylic, collage, spray paint on canvas. Signed and dated, artwork comes ready to hang. 

 Artistic thoughts behind this artwork:

As an artist, I am constantly exploring new ideas and themes that resonate with the world around us. Recently, I have been captivated by the future of artificial intelligence and its potential to transform our lives in unimaginable ways. This fascination led me to create a new pop artwork that I hope will inspire us all to think positively about AI and to see its incredible potential.

My latest piece features none other than Scrooge McDuck and his loyal accountant, Gustav, walking through the vibrant streets of Duckburg. The artwork is a riot of color and bold lines, capturing the dynamic energy and optimism that I believe AI can bring to our society. In the scene, Scrooge and Gustav are deep in conversation about the future, discussing how they can harness AI to not only increase their wealth but also to benefit their community.

Through this piece, I wanted to convey a message of hope and excitement. AI is often portrayed in a negative light, with fears of job displacement and ethical dilemmas overshadowing its potential. But I believe that with a balanced and responsible approach, AI can be a force for good. It can create new opportunities, improve efficiency, and bring about innovations that enhance our quality of life.

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Artist Highlights

- Established Artist

- International Exposure

- Art Fair Participant

- Prizewinner

- Covered by the Press

- Solo shows participant

- Works on commission

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Original work delivered with a certificate of authenticity by Kristin Kossi.

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"As an artist I`m deeply passionate about bringing vibrant energy to the canvas. Each of my creations is a reflection of my commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and exploring the intersection of text, image, and bold hues. By engaging with my work, viewers are invited to immerse themselves in a world where creativity knows no bounds, where the familiar becomes extraordinary, and where every brushstroke tells a story. I aim to capture the essence of contemporary culture while infusing it with a timeless allure"