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71 x 89 cm

Love is the Answer-Bugs and Lola

Love is the Answer-Bugs and Lola

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Artwork dimensions: 71 x 89 x 3,8 cm

Original artwork by Kristin Kossi 2024. Acrylic, collage, spray paint on canvas. Signed and dated, artwork comes ready to hang.

 Artistic thoughts behind this artwork:

“Love is the Answer” is a captivating pop art piece that places the beloved cartoon characters Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny at the center of a vibrant, eclectic backdrop. The artwork masterfully blends nostalgic charm with contemporary themes.

Bugs and Lola Bunny stand in the middle of the canvas, holding each other in a tender embrace. Bugs, with his iconic gray fur and mischievous grin, and Lola, with her golden fur and confident poise, are outlined in bold, black lines, which make them stand out against the colorful, bustling background. Their expressions are full of love, peace and joy, embodying the central message of the artwork.

Surrounding the duo is a rich tapestry of pop culture and modern life symbols. To the right, a Campbell’s Soup Can overflows with dollar bills, symbolizing the intersection of art, commerce, and wealth. Nearby, a sleek Porsche sports car represents luxury, speed, and the thrill of adventure. Above them, a futuristic AI hologram glows with an aura of innovation and the possibilities of technology.”Remote work” scribble illustrating the contemporary shift in work culture.

Embedded within this visual celebration is the powerful message of “one team, one dream,” symbolizing the unity and shared goals that define Bugs and Lola’s relationship. They are not just a couple, but a dynamic duo embodying couple goals—supporting each other through every adventure, embracing innovation together, and finding joy in both the mundane and the extraordinary aspects of life.

This artwork not only celebrates the enduring appeal of Bugs and Lola but also encapsulates the diverse facets of modern life—wealth, luxury, innovation, and the new ways we work and play. Through its playful yet poignant imagery, “Love is the Answer” reminds us that amidst all these elements, love remains the most important and unifying force.

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Original work delivered with a certificate of authenticity by Kristin Kossi.

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"As an artist I`m deeply passionate about bringing vibrant energy to the canvas. Each of my creations is a reflection of my commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and exploring the intersection of text, image, and bold hues. By engaging with my work, viewers are invited to immerse themselves in a world where creativity knows no bounds, where the familiar becomes extraordinary, and where every brushstroke tells a story. I aim to capture the essence of contemporary culture while infusing it with a timeless allure"